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Mixproof design

Separate lifting actuator for each valve disc

Mixproof Shut-off Valves with Seat Lifting

VARIVENT® double-seat valves are used for mixproof shut-off of incompatible products at the pipe junctions.



When the valve is closed (non-actuated position), there are always two seals between the separated pipelines. If one seal is defective, the resulting leakage will be directed through the leakage outlet into the periphery, without mixing with the product in the second pipeline.

This method enables that there is no mixing between the products from two pipelines.

Application Examples


To accommodate the different requirements of various industries, applications and processes, we have a variety of mixproof shut-off valves in our portfolio. The selection scheme on pages provides an overview of all the options.

VARIVENT® long-stroke valves are used for manufacturing products with relatively large particles or for viscous products, such as strawberry yogurt.

Special Features

  • Certified, hygienic configuration

  • Metallic stop

  • Flexibility because of the modular principle

  • Proven seal geometry

  • Mixproof separation

  • Different valve configurations available

  • Separate lifting actuator for lifting both valve discs

  • Optional spray cleaning connection for cleaning the leakage chamber

Variety of Types


The different variants of the VARIVENT® double-seat valve make it possible to select valves that are optimally adapted to the process.  The axial sealing valve types D and B entail a small switching leakage during each switching procedure, but they notably have a very long service life with the axial seals.  The radial sealing valve type R, on the other hand, offers the advantage of switching nearly without any switching leakage.  Valve types B and R are additionally characterized by a balancer in the lower valve housing. This enables the valve to reliably remain in the closed position even if there are water hammers in the lower pipeline.

SERVICEAVAAsset 10.png
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