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Safety valves for many applications

Overpressure and Vacuum protection

Safety Valves for pressure, overflow, and vacuum

GEA offers different types of safety valves: Hygienic vacuum valves are used to secure lines in processing plants against impermissibly occurring vacuums (e.g. after sterilization). Our safety relief valves reliably protect process plants from overpressure.


Constant Pressure Valve VARIVENT®, Type DHV

VARIVENT® constant pressure valves are used to adjust the inlet pressure of the valve on a constant level. In case of any process-related pressure fluctuations, the valve opens or closes to compensate them. The needed product pressure will set through the air supply pressure to the actuator. Therefore a constant air control pressure is required

Overflow Valve VARIVENT®, Type Q

Overflow Valves Type Q series VARIVENT® are generally used as pressure relief valves in pipelines, preferably for positive displacement pumps.

The development of the type D-Force avoids dead ends and unwanted product mix-up areas while providing a clean and hygienic production environment. The present series of overflow valves type Q is now available with a second actuator to support the spring force to close at a higher pressure than the adjusted set pressure by external air support. This is required in almost every product line, in which carbonated drinks are chased by water or vice versa to prevent the product from degassing and foam formation in the pipe, as in every beer filter line and racking line.

Safety Valves VARIVENT® 488, 483 & Hycom

VARIVENT® Safety valves were specially developed for the food, beverage, and pharmaceutical industries and meet all the relevant standards and regulations such as DIN 11866 or ASME BPE. With a low deadspace inlet area, the unique LESER HyTight assembly, and the optional pneumatic lifting device you have very good cleanability (CIP, SIP). With a large selection of aseptic connections (threaded, flanged, or clamped) the valve can be optimally fitted to different requirements.

Vacuum Valve VARIVENT®, Type V

VARIVENT® vacuum valves are designed to hygienically protect tanks against vacuums. A protection is already ensured when a vacuum surpasses -2.5 mbar. To minimize the cleaning effort and to protect the valve disc against conglutination, the seat ring is non-stick coated. All used elastomer seals are FDA compliant. VARIVENT® vacuum valves only require a fast response time when vacuum conditions occur. Additionally they have a safe sealing at overpressure conditions.

Vacuum Valve, Type VV

Hygienic vacuum valves are used to secure lines in processing plants against impermissibly occurring vacuums (e.g. after sterilization). The valve is triggered using a pre-tensioned spring as soon as the pipe system has a certain negative pressure.

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