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Meets 3A standard

Cost savings

Mixproof Shut-off Valves with Seat Lifting

Cleaning of process lines is always an issue – both to meet the strictest criteria for hygienic design both also to gain as much product out of the pipes as possible. The answer to both cleaning and maximum output is a Product Recovery System. With such a system you recover the valuable finished product from the process lines and this technique also substantially reduces consumption of the effluents traditionally used for push out. The system is available as fully automated, semi-automated or with manual operation depending on the product and the customer’s requirements.

Advantages of using Product Recovery Systems

  • Reduced product loss

  • Reduced production down times

  • Reduced consumption of water for rinsing and push out

  • Reduced effluent disposal costs

  • Reduced consumption of CIP

The following components meet the 3A Standard


  • Pig Cleaning Station MST 3A

  • Pig Catching Station

  • Pig Stopper 3A

  • Piggable Tee 3A

  • Pigs in Silicone and FKM


  • Pocket-free and CIP-/SIP-able

  • Cost savings due to reduced waste water load

  • Reduced consumption of CIP chemicals and water

  • Easy to maintain and assemble

  • 3A certified according to 3A sanitary standard 101-00
    (Pipeline Product Recovery Equipment using Projectiles)

Pig Catching Station


In the catching pipe where the pig is mechanically stopped, the pig will not be flooded with cleaning media. If the pig catching station is used as a pig receiving station, (Product Recovery System EMI/1) the pig leaves the station directly after its arrival. The mechanical pig stop which is integrated in the catching pipe is thoroughly cleaned during the pipe cleaning program. Pipe connections with VARIVENT® flange connections.

Product Recovery Systems Applications


  • Shampoo, lotions, creams, toothpaste

  • Pharmaceutical liquid products

  • Washing agents, cleaning agents

  • Yoghurt, quark, cheese

  • Fruit pulp, syrup, concentrates

  • Dough, vegetable oil

  • Personal care products

  • Internal medicines


Range of Application in Production Plants


  • From product reception to pre-mix tanks

  • From pre-mix tanks to mixing/process tanks

  • From mixing/process tanks to storage tanks

  • From storage tanks to filler lines

  • From treatment lines to storage tanks/filler lines

  • Dairy and Food Industry

  • Beverage Industry

  • Personal and Health Industry

SERVICEAVAAsset 10.png
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