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Process Meets Service

At Weidner Plant Services we understand the challenges of keeping operations running smoothly and efficiently. Our highly trained professional technicians provide fast and convenient service to extend the life of your equipment and maximize productivity.

Nationwide Services Provided

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We offer our Plant Services across the nation to keep your production running, wherever you are, whatever you need. 

Featured Services

Instrumentation Calibration/Commissioning 



Proper commissioning of your process instrumentation is essential to handle critical factors such as time, resource availability and access to specific skills during the start‐up phase.

Utilizing Weidner's commissioning services allows you to achieve long‐term operational benefits. Our experienced technical experts ensure a sustainable beginning‐to‐end solution for your commissioning projects, regardless of the scale and location of your facility.

Save effort and resources

Our qualified service technicians will support you on-site with an optimal commissioning process and set-up of your field instruments and/or solutions. This means less effort for your staff and lower resource costs. We minimize set-up time, ensure the process is up and running on time to make sure you lose as little production time as possible.

Get it right the first time

Instruments are set-up to operate according to its specifications and your operational requirements. We ensure a confirmed performance of the measuring point up to the system level, thereby reducing future breakdown risk. The outcome: optimized process performance, right from the start.

Peace of mind

We always comply with health, safety, environmental and quality standards. Standard conformity, functionality, and performance of each device or solution is validated in a concise commissioning report. The report guarantees traceability throughout the entire commissioning process up to the final handover to operations.

What Will Be Provided?

Minimize cost and time during equipment installation and start-up. Endress+Hauser offers a complete industrial commissioning service while guaranteeing the safety of your staff and plants. Of course, a planned and controlled working procedure is respected. We will bring the right expertise and know-how to help you commission your instruments, automation solutions, field networks, and process control systems.

  • Optimum set‐up of your process instrumentation and/or automation solution according to your application conditions

  • Detailed customer documentation in the form of baseline reports and backup files for each device and/or solution

  • Seamless transition into the operational phase, specifically in project commissioning with site management responsibility

Valve Preventative Maintenance

What Does Valve Service Look Like?

What is Valve Maintenance?

Hygienic valves are essential to process efficiency and product quality. Proper function prevents potential product contamination/loss and the risk of recall.

Maintenance of hygienic valves involves removing the valves from the process line, disassembly, sanitation, and the replacement of valve seals. 

Valve maintenance also includes the service and adjustment of control tops to ensure proper actuation and communication with the automation system. Improper calibration can result in faulty valve function.


Why Should I Service my Valves?

That is a very common question that we get asked by our customers. Why do these seals need to be replaced? and how often? Seals need to be replaced for a number of reasons: potential product loss, risk of cross-contamination, quality assurance, etc. As seals begin to be compromised, they can be a perfect harboring spot for bacteria growth.

Replacing seals on a regular schedule can greatly reduce the risk of introducing bacteria into your product. Now comes the question: how often? This is different with every customer. However, here are some timelines that we have noticed while performing these services.


What Will Be Provided?

​Weidner Plant Services will provide the necessary technicians, tools, and parts to complete your Plant PM program. The equipment to be worked on will be determined beforehand. Here are additional services that will be provided:

  • LOTO Verification 

  • Project management before, during, and after project.

  • Reporting of pass/fails to assist in gathering data to better design your PM program.

  • If needed, assistance with I/O checks to assure a seamless start-up.

Additional Services 

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