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Certified hygienic configuration

Mixproof separation

Mixproof Divert Valves

VARIVENT® mixproof divert valves are used for distributing liquid in pipelines, i.e. for distributing a liquid from one pipeline into two others, in which case one of the two pipelines must be shut off from the outlet line with a mixproof function.

Function of the Valve


When the valve is closed (non-actuated position), there are always two seals between the middle and upper pipeline. If one seal is defective at this point, the resulting leakage can be deliberately channeled through the leakage outlet into the periphery, without mixing with the product in the second pipeline.

The shut-off between the middle and lower housing is performed with only one seal, and is not suitable for separating two incompatible media.This method ensures that there will not be any mixture between a product line and a line carrying cleaning fluid.

Special Features

  • Certified, hygienic configuration

  • Metallic stop

  • Flexibility because of the modular principle

  • Proven seal geometry

  • Mixproof separation

  • Optional separate lifting actuator for lifting the two valve discs

  • Optionally spray cleaning connection for cleaning the leakage chamber

SERVICEAVAAsset 10.png
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