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Flexible system

Internal air supply

Control Tops

The T.VIS® control top is an optimal system for controlling and monitoring GEA valves of the series VARIVENT®, ECOVENT® & T-smart. This is available in several variants depending on the valve type, tasks and user convenience.

Common features of all T.VIS® variants

  • Flexible modular system for optimum variant configuration for the particular task (e.g. type of interface module, number of solenoid valves, etc.

  • Internal air supply for high security against failure of the main valve functions because no external air hose is required

  • Characteristic design

  • High index of protection class (min. IP65, optional IP67 or IP69k)

  • Ease of cleaning without dead zones, whatever the installation orientation

  • Clear visualization of the valve status via a light dome visible 360°, which is illuminated by colored LEDs

  • Low energy consumption

  • Ease of handling

  • Maintenance-free electronic modules

  • Many special options, e.g.:  
    Air throttles, Cable connections, etc.

For maintenance work on the valve, the control modules can be removed from the valve actuator by loosening two bolts on the clamp, without electrical or pneumatic connections having to be disconnected.

SERVICEAVAAsset 10.png
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