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Reduced consumption of energy, water, and cleaning media

Saves time in maintenance and cleaning

Butterfly Valves

With our T-smart butterfly valves we now have improved the product features significantly, unique in this combination. These butterfly valves have a new sealing design and do meet the world wide high hygienic demands for components in process plants.

The double-sided valve disc bearing allows a defined seal compression. An optimal designed  product area reduces abrasion and achieves a gentle product handling. The intermediate  flange variant offers maximum service life and allows a plant extension even during operation.

A mixproof butterfly valve T-smart 9 is also available and suitable for various applications with direct access to the product area: in CIP systems, for flush-out processes, in water management,  as CIP return valve or in a valve matrix - just to name a few examples.

SERVICEAVAAsset 10.png
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